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tennis elbow limassol massage

Tennis Elbow – Orthopaedic Massage Limassol, Cyprus

Tennis Elbow – Orthopaedic Massage Limassol, Cyprus
Tennis elbow is a form of tendinosis often leading to tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons) in the lateral forearm at the elbow joint. You do not need to play tennis to have tennis elbow! Anyone carrying out repetitive gripping tasks could get tennis elbow. If you have persistent lateral […]

muscle strain treatment massage limassol cyprus

Muscle Strain – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol

Muscle Strain Overview – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol
Muscles can strain for a number of reasons., ranging from trauma, as in an accident to chronic overuse, as in repetitive strain injury. Orthopaedic massage is very helpful in the healing process, as it is specific and applied correctly to suit the phase of the injury. If you […]

RSI massage limassol

Massage Limassol, Cyprus – Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

What is Repetitive Strain Injury? – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol
Due to our lifestyles which require us to carry out repetitive activities, whether at work (such as typing or working a specific type of machine), or whether at home (cooking all day long), we often overload our bodies with undue stress over a long period of […]

SIJ syndrome limassol massage cyprus

SIJ Dysfunction or SIJ Syndrome – Limassol Massage Cyprus

What is SIJ Syndrome, or SIJ Dysfunction? – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol
The Sacroiliac joints (SIJ) are the joints between your pelvis and your spine. They are responsible for transferring loads from your upper body into your legs through your pelvis. They are consequently heavy-duty joints with minimal movement, and can sometimes get stuck or loose […]

limassol massage anterior hip pain

Anterior Hip Pain Treatment – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol

Anterior Hip Pain Causes – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol
The causes of hip pain are wide ranging and can vary from muscle strains to tumours. Anterior hip pain is a subset of the full range of hip conditions, which you can read about at our hip pain blog.  As anterior hip pain causes can vary from […]

snapping hip massage limassol

Massage Limassol, Cyprus – Snapping Hip Syndrome

Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol – Snapping Hip Syndrome Causes
Snapping Hip Syndrome is usually caused by the rolling of a tendon or ligament over bony projections of the hip bone, often due to muscle imbalances. Snapping hip can be painful, but most often it is completely painless, just a little bothersome. Whether or not you have […]

hip pain treatment massage limassol cyprus

Hip Pain Treatment – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol in Cyprus

Hip Pain Causes – Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol
Hip Pain can be the result of a wide range of causes ranging from muscle strains to tumours. Hip pain is also a very common site for osteoarthritis. If you suffer from hip pain, it is important to get your symptoms assessed as soon as possible, to prevent […]

ACL injury sports massage limassol

Case Study – ACL Reconstruction – Ravel Therapies Limassol Massage

ACL Injury and Reconstruction – Overview
The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a ligament deep inside the knee joint, which is designed to prevent the lower leg moving, or shearing forward relative to the thigh. ACL tears and ACL injuries are extremely common in sports, particularly where sudden stop-start running movements are required, such as in […]

limassol massage cyprus finger muscle tightness

Case Study – Post-Injury Finger Muscle Tightness – Ravel Therapies Limassol Massage

Post-Injury Finger Muscle Tightness – Overview
It is quite common for people who suffer injuries to their arms or fingers, to lose full range of motion in their fingers. This is especially so if they have undergone surgery to help repair broken bones and torn tissue, etc. This can occur for a range of reasons, including […]

osteopathy massage limassol cyprus

Osteopathy vs Musculoskeletal Therapy – Limassol Massage in Cyprus

What do Osteopaths specialise in?
Osteopaths are Allied Health Practitioners who diagnose and treat mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They emphasize the relationship between structure and function, and the way it can be affected through manipulative therapy.

Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques including soft tissue massage to release muscles, tendons and ligaments, and a […]