Musculoskeletal Kinesiology

What is Musculoskeletal Kinesiology?

At Ravel Therapies, our musculoskeletal therapist, Sunil, and our Kinesiologist, Stella, collaborate closely to tackle the mind-body-emotion component behind pain and discomfort. The techniques used to address these root causes are a subset of the vast range of techniques available to Kinesiologists. For convenience, we refer to this subset of Kinesiology as “Musculoskeletal Kinesiology”.

Kinesiology techniques are particularly useful for chronic pains, which have continued despite conventional hands-on treatment like physiotherapy and massage therapy. For example, it is common for clients with chronic upper shoulder pain resulting from poor posture to experience huge relief from massage treatments. Typically their “normal” posture returns within a few days, and with it, the pain too. At Ravel Therapies, we carry out detailed postural and muscle imbalance analysis, providing clients with corrective exercises that help maintain their new posture, providing lasting pain relief. In some cases however, even this is not enough. If the emotional factor behind the muscle imbalance is strong enough, no amount of physical therapy will fix the problem. This is where Musculoskeletal Kinesiology comes in.

The key aim of these Musculoskeletal Kinesiology techniques is to identify the underlying emotions that are perpetuating the client’s condition, and then use specific techniques to release or “reset” these trapped emotions.

What role do emotions play in chronic pain and discomfort?

Whether we realise it or not, we are emotional beings. Our emotions may exist at a conscious level, where we are aware of them, or at the subconscious and unconscious levels. Emotions have a very strong and direct relationship with our physical systems. For example, when we are afraid, our bodies fold in, our hearts start racing, and our jaws tighten up. Similarly, when we are feeling confident or happy, we hold our posture straight with our chests out, our heart rate slows down, and our jaws relax. We have all experienced these physical changes and are aware of them.

What we may not be fully aware of is how our subconscious emotions and thought patterns are affecting our physicality. Our “internal chatter” reflects how we feel about ourselves, and this has a direct relationship on the neurological functioning of the muscles and tissues in our body.

The study of Kinesiology maps muscles, organs, energy meridians and emotions, helping the Kinesiologist and client identify the emotion affecting each muscle imbalance in the body. Releasing or reprogramming these emotions then allows the associated neurological system to be reset and the muscle function to be restored. This results in a postural correction leading to long-term pain relief.

How we combine Kinesiology and Musculoskeletal Massage therapy to address chronic pain

At Ravel Therapies, we combine Sunil’s remedial massage and musculoskeletal therapy treatments with Stella’s Musculoskeletal Kinesiology, resulting in a highly effective two-pronged approach to chronic pain.

The programme starts with an initial 55 minute consultation with Sunil, where he carries out detailed orthopaedic tests, movement dysfunction analysis, and postural and muscle imbalance assessment, to locate the muscles and tissues that need correction. He provides the client with targeted soft-tissue manipulation and an exercise programme tailored to their specific muscle imbalances.

The client would then normally book in for a short, 30-minute Musculoskeletal Kinesiology treatment with Stella. Stella uses the detailed information obtained from Sunil’s assessments on the client’s overactive (dominant) and underactive (weak) muscles, and carries out Kinesiology protocols to “sedate” or “tonify” the affected muscles, as appropriate. She also addresses and helps clear the related emotions as part of these protocols.

A typical treatment plan would involve a series of Musculoskeletal therapy treatments with Sunil and Kinesiology sessions with Stella for a few weeks, until the client begins to notice big shifts in the way they feel. The two treatment types are best paired together for maximum benefit. The number of treatments required depend on how long the client has had this condition, and the dominance of the underlying emotions.

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