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Sunil Mulay – Orthopaedic Massage Therapist

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Musculoskeletal Therapist
Orthopaedic Massage Therapist
Advanced Bowen Therapist
Master REHAB Trainer
Member of the Cyprus Association of Natural Therapists (GCRAT)
Diploma in Musculoskeletal Therapy – Academy of Integrated Therapies, Australia
Diploma in Bowen Therapy – Academy of Integrated Therapies, Australia
Diploma in Remedial Massage – Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia
Certificate IV in Remedial Massage – Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia
Kinergetics BNT
Certified Master REHAB Trainer (including use of taping and biofeedback techniques)

Previous non-health qualifications:
MSc in Transport and Business Management – Imperial / UCL (UK)
DIC in Transport and Business Management – Imperial / UCL (UK)
BSc in Architectural Engineering – University of Westminster (UK)


Sunil is an orthopaedic massage therapist with a deep interest in the complex functioning of the human musculoskeletal system, and the conditions that are associated with them. He is dedicated to investigating and addressing the root causes of people’s symptoms, helping them completely eliminate acute and chronic pains.

Right from Sunil’s early massage training, his hunger for knowledge led him to learn many advanced techniques from renowned experts in the orthopaedic massage therapy field, and this quest to deepen his knowledge has never ceased since. Sunil carries out detailed orthopaedic tests and functional assessments, looking deeper to identify the most likely causes of the client’s symptoms and then applies specific treatment techniques to target the root issues identified. Clients regularly comment on how Sunil’s approach and techniques set him apart from others and how much they gain from his treatments.

Sunil’s philosophy is to combine the science of musculoskeletal therapy with the art of therapeutic touch. He combines solid anatomical knowledge, advanced palpatory skills, open mindedness, curiosity and mindfulness to explore his clients’ conditions and produce consistent, successful results.

Sunil has a keen interest in health, fitness, spirituality, meditation and martial arts. He finds that the knowledge of the human body gained through his martial arts training complements his training in massage, providing an even deeper understanding of the human body. Above all, he finds immense joy in sharing his holistic outlook on life through this very special medium of massage.

Areas of Expertise

Sunil’s uniqueness is in his remedial massage in Cyprus is his orthopaedic approach, depth of knowledge and application of advanced techniques, and this uniqueness comes through readily in his treatments.

For Sunil, the client’s symptoms are a mystery waiting to be unravelled. He has a thorough grounding in assessment techniques, and will usually carry out a number of orthopaedic tests to help identify the likely structures involved. These assessment procedures can quickly help differentiate between muscular and ligamentous involvement, or other conditions such as cartilage damage, nerve impingement, joint capsule problems, bursitis, arthritis, referred pain, etc. Sunil also tests for functional movement dysfunctions to help pinpoint specific neurological and muscular imbalances which could be giving rise to the condition.

Having identified the likely source of the issue, Sunil then implements a highly targeted treatment plan drawing from a wide range of massage techniques, which are outlined on the Advanced Remedial Massage page. Sunil also has considerable experience in locating and releasing joint fixations in the spine, pelvis and ribs, the results of which are often instantaneous. Unlike the high velocity adjustments used by Chiropractors, he uses slow and gentle joint release techniques to free up fixations and restore normal range of movement in the joint.

Another key aspect of Sunil’s treatment is his focus on rehabilitation. Many symptoms arise from specific patterns of neurological inhibition often caused by postural and lifestyle factors over a long period of time. These weak muscles in turn cause excessive strain on corresponding muscles or structures which then get injured and lead to acute or chronic pain. As a Master REHAB Trainer, trained by elite Sports Physiotherapists, Sunil provides instruction in exercises to help strengthen or subdue selected muscles. The exercises provided are always simple and safe to perform, and can lead to profound and lasting results when used in combination with his remedial massage therapy. Additionally, clients are given training in correct posture and proper movement patterns to help correct the dysfunctions.

Even though aspects of his treatment are localised, Sunil’s massage therapy is always aimed at providing deep relaxation, as he believes strongly in engaging the nervous system’s parasympathetic response, which is responsible for slowing down the body’s processes and promoting healing. He generally applies a firm pressure, but always well within the client’s pain threshold. His experienced hands “talk to the tissue”, intuitively applying optimum pressure to get the job done whilst ensuring the body is not fighting back!

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