Advanced Bowen Technique

Advanced Bowen Technique Limassol

bowen technique limassol

Bowen Technique is a Remedial Therapy which involves the release of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves at specific points in the body, using a special cross-fibre manouvre developed by the late Tom Bowen. The manouvres are brisk like “flicks”, and give the body a cue to reset the tension in the structures manipulated.


Traditionally, Bowen Therapy is provided in specific sequences for different parts of the body and is applied to both sides of the body. A client history is taken to establish the areas of the body to focus on, and then the selected series of manouvres are carried out. The therapist will often give the client time between manouvres to allow their bodies to adjust.


At Ravel Therapies, we are trained in an advanced form of Bowen Therapy, only available at one college in Australia. This form of Bowen Technique is completely assessment based so that only relevant Bowen techniques are applied depending on what the assessments reveal. The assessments used are similar to those used by some Chiropractors and range from postural and palpation assessments to muscle length and nerve function tests.


After the applicable Bowen techniques are applied, the body is re-tested to see if the misalignments have corrected. With this method of testing, application of technique and re-testing, the changes in the body are usually instantly measurable, although in some cases, the effects of the treatment could take hours or days to eventuate.


At Ravel Therapies, Stella provides advanced Bowen Technique as a standalone treatment, whereas Sunil incorporates Bowen techniques into his advanced remedial massage / musculoskeletal therapy treatments as required.


Advanced Bowen Technique Limassol

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bowen technique limassol



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