Massage Limassol – Advanced Remedial Massage

Massage Limassol – Advanced Remedial Therapy

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As remedial massage therapists with extensive knowledge in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, we take an advanced orthopedic massage approach to our remedial therapy treatment at Ravel Therapies Massage Limassol.

Our remedial massage therapy is a comprehensive system which involves detailed assessment and soft tissue manipulation to resolve pain and dysfunction. Its focus is in restoring function and structural balance throughout the body for the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

With expertise in addressing the root cause of symptoms, our approach goes beyond providing immediate pain relief. We regularly provide treatment for a full range of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

Our Remedial Massage Therapy is also suitable for pregnant women, providing relief from the increased physical and emotional demands placed on the body. We provide pregnancy massages to women in their second and third trimesters.

Advanced Massage Limassol

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Our Massage Therapist

Sunil is a professional remedial massage therapist and rehab trainer with a deep interest in the complex functioning of the human musculoskeletal system, and the conditions that are associated with them. He is dedicated to investigating and addressing the root causes of people’s symptoms, helping them completely eliminate acute and chronic pains.

Right from Sunil’s early massage training, his hunger for knowledge led him to learn many advanced techniques from renowned experts in the musculoskeletal therapy field, and this quest to deepen his knowledge has never ceased since. Sunil carries out detailed orthopaedic tests and functional assessments, looking deeper to identify the most likely causes of the client’s symptoms and then applies specific treatment techniques to target the root issues identified. Clients regularly comment on how Sunil’s approach and techniques set him apart from others and how much they gain from his treatments.

More information about Sunil’s remedial massage Limassol services »

Our Remedial Therapy and Massage Limassol Techniques

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We employ a wide range of orthopaedic remedial massage techniques as outlined below. You can also find out more about the specific expertise of each of our practitioners using the menu above. For information on our Sports Therapy and rehabilitation instruction, click here.

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage techniques are aimed at working through the superficial layers directly on the deeper soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Deep tissue massage may be applied using fingers, knuckles, fist or elbow, and includes a number of techniques. More information about our remedial / deep tissue massage techniques »

Myofascial Release Techniques

All structures in the body such as bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs are covered in a thin sheath called fascia. Fascia gives form to these structures, acting as network of scaffolding, and most intriguingly, all fascia in the body is connected via an intricate web. Myofascia, which is fascia around muscles, often develops adhesions which restrict the movement of muscles and their fibres. We regularly employ myofascial release techniques to help free up muscle movement and create a more complete release of the soft tissue. More information about our myofascial release massage therapy »

Joint Release Techniques

There are many joints in the body such as in the spine, ribs and pelvis which are designed to have limited range of movement to keep us stable. These joints often get “jammed” or “fixated” from poor biomechanics, usually with corresponding tightness in the surrounding muscles, causing pain and stiffness. When this happens, it is vital for the joint fixations to be released in addition to the soft tissue, if the client is to experience lasting pain relief. More information on our joint release techniques »

Swedish Massage Techniques

Swedish massage stokes are generally whole of hand, long and broad strokes applied rhythmically. They are the foundation from which many remedial massage techniques emerge, and are incorporated into most of our treatments. More information on our Swedish massage techniques »

Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation techniques are similar to range of movement techniques and are designed to free up restrictions in joint movement. We often apply a pumping action to joints, the cyclical compression and decompression of which promotes fluid exchange and nutrition for the joint capsule. This technique can be extremely effective for managing conditions like arthritis and cartilage degeneration.

Sports Massage and Sports Therapy

Sports massage can be considered as a collection of specialised remedial massage techniques designed to help you prevent injury, warm up muscles up prior to an activity, and help the body recover quickly after an activity. Sports massage is often broken down into three distinct categories: pre-event, post-event and fine-tuning. More information about our sports massage therapy »

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