Stella – Kinesiology & Advanced Bowen Therapy

Stella Constantinou

Advanced Bowen Therapist
NLP Practitioner
Positive EFT Facilitator
Resonate Essences Practitioner

Member of the Cyprus Association of Natural Therapists (GCRAT)
Diploma in Kinesiology – Australian College of Kinesiology Mastery
Diploma in Musculoskeletal Therapy – Academy of Integrated Therapies, Australia
Diploma in Bowen Therapy – Academy of Integrated Therapies, Australia
Certificate IV in Kinesiology – Australian College of Natural Therapies
Kinergetics Practitioner
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certificate of Positive EFT Facilitator
Resonate Essences Practitioner


Previous non-health qualifications:
Postgraduate Dip (Hons) in Architecture – University of Westminster (UK)
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture – University of Greenwich (UK)


“With subtly developed body awareness, it is possible for the individual to become the conscious orchestrator of health.” Jean Houston

Kinesiology has had a massive impact on my life leading me to divert from my architectural career in the UK and take on another in the arena of complementary therapies in Australia.

My first encounter with kinesiology came in 2006 in London, when after a long spell of on-going health issues, which were not being resolved with the mainstream medical approach, I decided to try an alternative route. The complementary therapist I consulted used muscle testing to find a whole array of specific nutritional and bio-chemical imbalances and intolerances that I had no idea were behind my health problems.

At the time I understood very little about muscle testing and was quite bewildered at how my muscles would ‘weaken’ to some substances and ‘strengthen’ to others, but I decided to wait and see what would unfold with the treatment. As a consequence, I not only began to heal in more ways than I could have imagined, but I then felt compelled to learn this art of communicating with the body and its intelligence, and share it with others so they too may find balance and harmony in their lives

No matter what life challenges you encounter, using muscle-testing techniques, I can help you tap into your body’s innate knowledge to bring clarity and direction into your life. Additionally, as a Resonate Essences practitioner, I can find the right essence for you, helping to shift you from where you are to where you would rather be in relation to the goals in your life.


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